Curriculum Overview

 At Prep International Kindergarten, we provide the ‘Montessori Environment’ classroom, which has the following basic elements:

   Concepts of Freedom – the child can reveal him/herself to us and posses within him/her self the pattern for his or her own development;

   Structure and Order – the child internalizes and thus builds his/her own mental order and intelligence;

   Reality and Nature – the child internalizes the limits of nature and reality if he/she is to be free from his or her own fantasy and illusions;

   Beauty and Atmosphere – the environment should be simple. Everything in it must be of thoughtful design and quality.

   Montessori Materials – they are not learning materials in the conventional sense rather they assess the child’s self construction and psychic development;

 Development of Community Life -the children work harmoniously, cooperate and provide moral help to each other. They are given freedom in their social reactions.

Prep International Kindergarten classrooms are prepared with a wealth of materials selected and designed to meet the needs of the individuals it serves. There is a range of materials both in variety and levels of development to allow children to progress through the curriculum as their skills develop. Typical areas of a Montessori Pre-school/Kindergarten classroom include: Everyday Living, Math, Language, Art, Sensorial, Music, Geography, Biology, Botany, Zoology, Physical Science, History, Movement, Nature Study, and Foreign Languages (English and Chinese).