A child’s early experiences are critical in shaping how constructively they respond to future learning situations and beyond into their adult lives.  At Prep Montessori International Kindergarten, early years learners are placed in a planned and structured learning environment where they can develop a wide range of foundational skills and positive attitudes towards learning, in readiness for elementary schooling.

The values and beliefs which serve as the foundation of Prep’s learning process are:

Our Philosophy:

Education is a profound process.  It is very important for every human being. Education changes lives.  It improves lives.  A quality education allows your child to lead a happy and prosperous life.

Our Motto:

“Play is the Language of Kids”

Our Expected School – wide Learning Result:

“Independent Learner with a Love of Learning”

Our Process:

At Prep Montessori International Kindergarten, we make learning a happy and fruitful experience by:
– providing a safe, natural and enabling learning environment;
– recognizing the uniqueness of each child;
– offering opportunity for active learning through play and exploration;
– using a well-structured and creative curriculum taught using fun activities; &
– embracing child-centered and Montessori methods in early learning.