Message from Head Teacher

Mssge from Head body picHello and welcome to Prep International Kindergarten. My name is Robert Kappelle and I am the head teacher here. I have been teaching at Prep since 2001, having taken up the head teacher position in 2004.
During my time here I have helped the kindergarten develop a quality learning environment based on fun activities, ‘hands on’ experiences in Montessori-style surroundings, and dedicated and enthusiastic teaching staff. Prep has a home-like feel which we promote and maintain so the children can feel secure and comfortable. Prep kids look forward to coming to kindergarten each day and my aim is to prepare them for elementary education with that same eagerness to participate and learn, with confidence and skill in communicating with peers and teachers, and with a strong foundation in key learning areas.
I’m still actively involved in the classroom and enjoy my teaching time immensely. For myself, the key to effective early years teaching is building strong rapport with the children and keeping them busy in meaningful play and activity. Prep’s motto, ‘Play is the Language of Kids’, reflects this very idea. In my experience, happy and joyful kids make more constructive use of their time and are more co-operative with teachers. Thus I’ve worked hard to create learning spaces where young children can work and play to direct their own learning and develop focus and diligence. Moreover, I continue to instill in Prep teachers the need to engage the children with joy and to make their learning fun.
I cordially invite your and your child to come and see Prep for yourselves. Warm regards,

Robert Kappelle
Head Teacher
Prep International Kindergarten