Prep Surroundings

IMG_7160The school surroundings are a vital part of the children’s learning environment at Prep.  In fact, the garden is the most popular play-space in the whole kindergarten.  The mature trees and shrubs not only create a natural atmosphere but provide a living classroom for children to play in and for teachers to utilize in delivering lessons and outdoor activities.  Prep children are able to engage with nature through their play.  The trees are generous in their offerings of fallen leaves, twigs, fruits and flowers, which the children take delight in collecting and using as playthings.  Birds and squirrels add motion and sound to the garden, while ants, beetles and butterflies regularly catch the children’s attention.  The basic need to take care of nature – the plant life and wildlife – is a key message given to the children as they play and learn in the Prep garden playground.

The open spaces at the center of the garden are wide enough for all manner of big-motor activities – the children love to run and jump there.  Part grassy space and part rubber tiles makes the surface good for all seasons.  Outdoor play sets and equipment are positioned to promote socializing and to challenge the children physically.