Self-Care Station

One of Montessori’s core values is “independence” in young children. While children are spending a lot of time at home now during the pandemic, it’s a good opportunity to encourage independence at home.

To achieve this in young learners, the key is repetition, make it a routine.  Today, we would like to introduce an easy self-care setup that you can make at home. 

A “Self-Care Station” is a place where children can get ready in the morning and before bed, where they can brush their teeth, comb their hair and wash their hands.  It is a place that they can approach by themselves and do their cleaning on their own.  

To be able to do things by themselves will make them feel proud and give them a sense of success and confidence!  Parents, please keep in mind that they are learning and there will likely be a mess, but it’s OK.  You should only encourage them to learn and be independent with positive reinforcement and a big smile.

So let’s start by setting a table that’s low enough for your child to reach, with a safety mirror, water bucket, bowl, toothbrush, toothpaste, a small towel, hair brush, hand soap and any other personal care tools they regularly use.  Explain to your child that this is their space and they need to take care of it and keep it in good order.  They will need guidance and encouragement at first, but you will soon see the expression of pride and satisfaction on their face when they begin using the station.

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